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There are a number of areas where an education abroad office needs to provide support for students engaged in global learning. From initial advising to programming upon students’ return from abroad, Gateway can guide you on meeting the needs of students and models for program delivery with a plan that includes the integration of services across the institution.


Student Advising

Student Advising. Today’s students are balancing information overload from multiple sources with the desire for meaningful academic experiences during their college career. Gateway provides institutions with insights on how to reach diverse student populations effectively, enhance virtual advising opportunities, and maximize student reflection and engagement as part of an integral and holistic advising philosophy to improve student learning and development.

Pre-Departure & On-Site Support

Diverse student populations and complex health and safety realities worldwide require a nuanced and carefully designed framework for student preparation. Gateway can advise on best practices to recognize diverse student learners, considerations for disability accommodations abroad, pre-departure orientation models, on-site orientation support and orientation, international insurance considerations, and overseas counseling support.

Career Readiness and Re-entry Programming

A full circle approach to student education abroad experiences include re-entry considerations and career development planning. Gateway offers different re-entry models to include both on-site reflections and engagement upon return to campus as well as models to facilitate collaboration with Career Services and student articulation of education abroad experiences for future employers.


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