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Turkish courses will be given by partner organisation OTTOMAN & TURKISH STUDIES CENTRE's staff. When learners use their home language to learn another language, their understanding and performance is likely to improve. You can ask for teachers whose native languages are Arabic, Persian, Russian, English etc. so the learning process will be much more easier with the teacher of same native language. At the end of an each level the Certificate of Acquisition will be issued by OTTOMAN & TURKISH STUDIES CENTRE. 

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• A1- Basic Level Turkish 1
• A2- Basic Level Turkish 2
• B1- Intermediate Level Turkish 1
• B2- Intermediate Level Turkish 2
• C1- Advanced Turkish
• C1+ - Academic Turkish

  • In a friendly classroom environment

  • In a high quality language institution environment

  • With highly experienced teaching staff

  • With enthusiastic, experienced, competent professionals

  • With interactive teaching methods that emphasize speaking and immersion

  • Speaking lessons based on real life topics

  • In small class groups

  • With social and cultural activities

  • With one-on-one private lessons upon request

 Payment & Regisration

  • Registration and payment must be made before each term begins.

  • Course fees include VAT (tax).

  • Those who attend the Mengütaş Turkish Course with a student visa must pay for at least four months in their first registration. Tuition payments can be made monthly at a later date.

  • The initial payment depends on the student’s chosen program. Students can enroll in the standard Program, Semi-Intensive Program or Intensive Program.


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